Author Topic: Thomas Needham 17 Bn  (Read 1915 times)

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Thomas Needham 17 Bn
« on: October 06, 2014, 09:36:44 AM »
The last one not confirmed on Tim's list.

PA 5839 dated 23.Aug.1916 (Hospital list)

Needham Thomas, Pte 17Manchesters, B Coy, PoW Hospital 2 St Quentin, GSW right thigh.

PA 6120 dated 9.Sept.1916

Needham Thomas, Pte 17 Manchesters 8771, captured Trones Wood 4.7.1916, GSW thigh, born 3.10.1895, NoK Mrs Needham (mother) 17 Liverpool Rd Manchester.

PA6175 Hospital list dated 9.Sept.1916

Needham Thomas, Pte 17Manchesters B Coy, transfered from PoW Hospital 2 St Quentin by Hospital train to Germany.

PA 7139 List of deaths dated 25.Nov.1916

Needham Thomas, Pte 17 Manchesters B Coy, died 21.10.1916 in PoW Hospital Ohrdruf. GSW to the right lower leg.

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Re: Thomas Needham 17 Bn
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Good Work Charlie,
CWGC confirm concentration from Ohrdruf POW Cemetery to NIEDERZWEHREN CEMETERY, KASSEL in 1924

I've found a few unexpected dates on these records.  Capture at Trones Wood on 4th July 1916 is more likely 9th or 10th.  Arthur Watts (also 17th) date of capture at Trones Wood is shown as 19th July. 
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