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Repatriated PoW lists
« on: September 30, 2014, 09:07:53 AM »
I've been playing about on the ICRC site and found that there are some lists of repatriated PoWs listed by Bn and Regt. There also lists of ex PoWs admitted to Hospitals in France. They are obviously returns sent to the ICRC by the various records offices.

To get to the lists:
From the home page click on validate (no name required)
Click on "more about this person" (it doesn't matter who)
Change the reference number letter to "R" and enter 52000

That seems to be about the middle of the lists that I have found.


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Re: Repatriated PoW lists
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2014, 05:02:04 PM »
The R List is certainly interesting.  Just wish we could work out how to search and navigate by Regiment.  Still a great database though.  We're lucky to have access now.
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Re: Repatriated PoW lists
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the following ref number will give you a list of missing men who were reported at sprottau in august 1916.

R51609 prisoners to Switzerland
R 52116 arriving at hull.23-11-18 on SS stockport
R52460 arriving hull 27-11-18
R53330 hull 29-11-19
R52552 hull 22-11-18.on the SS porto
R52147 hull 22-11-18 on SS archangel
R51284 last camp list
R53349 arriving London 1-12-18
R51738 arriving king George hospital 12-10-18
R52958 at dover 30-11-18
R51985 at dover 21-11-18
R53463 at Leith 1-12-18 hospital ship SS russ
R52435 dover 28-11-18
R51058 repats aug 1914
R52061 hull 18-11-18
R51765 12-10-18
R52896 at dover 31-11-18
R53390 dover 2-12-18
R50410 Turkish POWs[not checked for manchesters

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Re: Repatriated PoW lists
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As far as I can tell there is no way to search apart from reference number and pot luck. It's not the most user friendly database that has been devised but we should be thankful that the records have been released. Some of the entries especially for the wounded certainly give some idea as to the horror of war.