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9005 george blundell 17th manchesters
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pte blundells[D.coy.15th platoon] father George snr and his mother mary who lived at 27 north rd,longsight never gave up hope that he may be still alive,they wrote to everyone they could asking for information,they wrote to Lt/col Herbert Johnson at his home at allistree hall,derby,but colonel Johnson told them that he was wounded on the morning on 1st july and sadly had no information for them,he suggested that they write to Lt/col c.l macdonald at merchiston school,who was the adjutant on the day,but he could not help them with their quest,enquiries to Lt/col j.j whitehead met with the same response,a letter from pte 8720 albert linney stated that he was one of the burial party at montauban and two of his party found the body of George and buried him,L/Cpl 8812 Herbert price who was a member of the 17th battalions HQ staff wrote and told them that George had been killed in action on 1st july,pte 9011 norman mills from the same section as George,wrote and told them that he was shot in the stomach as they mounted the parapet to attack montauban but had no further news,two wounded men from georges section and a L/Cpl of the 16th manchesters told them that all the wounded had been collected from the field by british and german stretcher bearers between 1st and 3rd july,the L/Cpl from the 16th manchesters crawled back to the british lines after refusing aid from two german stretcher bearers.
a suggestion that 8616 albert hall DCM may have some news and they should write to him at the Manchester arms hotel on corporation st,manchester[no further info]georges parents continued their quest for news until early 1920,even writing to major h.t pomfret,but he could not help because he wasn't with the battalion prior to October 1916

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