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Manchester Regiment Gazette
                           (Periodic 1924-1939 & 1945-1958 )

The Tanglin Tribune.
                                                                                   (1st Garrison Battalion Manchester Regiment stationed in Singapore).    

Wade, J   

The Voluntary Principle.
 (Recruitment in Manchester &Salford between August 1914 and October 1915)

The Bugle Call
       (2nd Volunteer Battalion Mounted Infantry Company magazine)

1915 -
The Manchester Echo.
       Periodic 5th Bn magazine

The Sphinx.
        Periodic 2/6th Bn magazine

1915 -
7th Manchester Sentry
        Periodic 7th Bn magazine

The Periscope
        Periodic 2/7th Bn magazine

Winder, E

Lancashire’s Part Time Soldiers 1690-1890.

Bonner, RA
Chapel of The Manchester Regiment and King’s Regiment.         The story of the Regimental Chapel in Manchester Cathedral from inception in 1936 to 1998, having survived destruction in WWII and 1996 IRA bombing.                                  
                                                           Knutsford, Fleur de Lys Publishers

War Office
Soldiers Died in The Great War 1914-1919 Part 59
        The Manchester Regiment.
 (Reprint 1990 by J B Hayward)

War Office
Officers died in the Great War 1914-1919
                                                     (Reprint 1990 by J B Hayward)

Westropp HCE
To Manchester.     
A tribute to the Fallen & to the Spirit of Her Great Regiment

The Liddle Collection, University Library of Leeds, holds a certain amount of documentation relating to The Manchester Regiment.  Primarily personal
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