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To "Sphinx"

Relationship to Levi Cunliffe.

Stan Cunliffe [my father], Fred Cunliffe & Nell Chafer were siblings & there actual relationship was '1st cousin once removed'.
Their father Arthur was Levi's '1st cousin' & he died in 1948 but his wife Mary was still alive & living with the Chafer family.
An unmarried sister of Arthur was still alive & living here in Victoria also. She died in 1963.
I know that there was a lot of correspondence between families in Australia & England.
I do not remember much about Levi when he here as I was only 8. What I remember most is that there was a lot of new houses being built in Cheltenham, where we lived & Levi & I would wonder around the partly built houses after the builders had gone home. Family who remember him better tell of a very erect standing man of stern nature & would walk 20 miles to get somewhere rather than take public transport & remember he was 78 yrs. He must have enjoyed his stay & liked his relatives a bit, to leave us the medals he did.

I do not have causes of death of Levi's wife & daughter as I have so many family members I am researching, but their turn will come.
I do have the death registration details from the index though.
Wife Ellen registration: Dec qtr / 1911 / Blackburn district / vol.8e / page 558
Daughter Ellen  ''  : June qrt / 1911 / Preston District / vol. 8e / page 381