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WOII Jack Holliday
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Re: WOII Jack Holliday
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RIP  Jack

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Re: WOII Jack Holliday
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Rest in peace  JACK HOLLIDAY

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Re: WOII Jack Holliday
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Very sad news indeed - I first came to know Jack way back in the 1970's when I first came to re-live in the Manchester area and became a regular member of the OCA at Ardwick and was soon roped into firstly - the Turning of the Leaves at the Cathedral and then as an active member of the OCA and in due course became a close friend of Jack and other old stagers such as Mick Lally, Jackie Watts, Jack Ramsley, Ken Warhurst, Dave Williams and co, and ulltimately became a close friend of all of them  for the fortnightly drink after the ToL's  - all sad to say - departed.
Unfortunatelly I shall not be able to get along to Southern Cemetery but will remember in privatel down here in Hampshire - Rest in Peace Jack - back with all your old mates.

PS. My apologies - got my names mixed up - Johnie Potts from Mellor (MVA) wrong for Watts of Ashton.
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