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St George's Church, Penang.
« on: April 02, 2013, 04:55:05 PM »
Tom Boardman, chairman of the Manchester Regiment Malayan Veterans Association flew out to Malaya last week and presented the church with a fine  plaque. The following description from a member of the church arrived today.

At the end of the Easter service this morning, the Vicar displayed the
new plaque to the congregation, announcing it had been approved by the
parish council for installation in St George's Church. He asked for
God's blessing on it and described how the young men of the 1st
Battalion Manchester Regiment whose names are commemorated on the
plaque had given their lives in the defence of this country. He said
the plaque would have a fitting place on the wall of the church.

Whilst the battalion was in Malaya during 1951/54 battalion headquarters remained on Penang although the rifle companies were based on the mainland. Hence the choice of St George's church.

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Re: St George's Church, Penang.
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Hopefully the previous problems of the years gone by are all behind us now. Congratulations Tom. Did you manage to get some photos of St. George's interior and exterior ?