Author Topic: Inter-War Transfers Between Battalions  (Read 7355 times)

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Re: Inter-War Transfers Between Battalions
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Arthur is still going strong at 92 and still publishing books, his latest is "70 days to Hell"  A day to day account of the fall of Malaya and Singapore. December 1941 - February 1942.  ISBN 978-1-897666-76-0

Arthur has replied as follows:

SGT Axon I knew him very well , He was with a group of around sixty  including myself who left Strensal Yorks on the 7th January, 1937  arrived Egypt Late February ,  He was a L/Cpl then.      left Egypt for Palestine Feb 1938.                On the 25May 1938 a further draft of 50 men arrived from 2nd Battaion.                     But  John Axon I can state categorically that he travelled with my group on the 1st Jan 1937.  He was with A company.

Cliff P Son of 3525679 Sgt Arthur Phillips 1st Bn Manchester Regiment and RAPC


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Re: Inter-War Transfers Between Battalions
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Thanks Cliff

Pays to keep looking, found out about Arthur via his
interview with the IWM.

Arthur lane interview.


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Re: Inter-War Transfers Between Battalions
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Thank you so much for all your input it is so kind of you to give of your time like this !

Cliff and Arthur, That info on his transfer date from the 2nd to the 1st Battalion was the missing info that I was looking for - thank you.

Robert, I already have John Axon's enlistment book details but thank you for your very kind offer.

Just for your info John Axon is mentioned in Charles Frisby's book - Such Men as These - pages 243 -245 and he is in a photo of No. 2 Platoon, 2nd battalion in 1937 in Rex King Clark's book Free for a Blast page 106.

Must now try and get a copy of Arthur Lane's book.

Thank you all once again.

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Bob B