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My father Walter Bryant was a Sergent in 49TH BATTALION "C" COMPANY. I have a HOME GUARD, Register for hours of attendance, which covers a limited period, of an unknown year, from17/04 to 15/05. There is a roll of 23 names, as follows. LT. J. BRYAN, SGT'S S. COOKSON, W. BRYANT, W. ALLISON. CPL'S A.ROACH, A.PICKIN. L/CPL J.BENSON. PTE'S J.ROBINSON, J.PARKIN, F.TINKER, J.CHAPMAN, W.FORD, A.E. YOUNG, H.TRIGG, T.NORCLIFFE. Plus others that had dr. prefixed to there name, which I assume indicates drivers. Do these names mean anything to anyone? Any pictures or information I can get would be very much appreciated. The members of "C" COMPANY were, CPL. A. HOWARD, PTE'S, T. SLATER, W. GUY, A. BICKERTON, J. FAIRHURST, H. REECE, C.WARD, J. JEFFRIES.

 Since posting the above message, I have come across my fathers " Efficiency Card" for 1941. He was then a corporal and his unit was "S" Batt. No.3 Liaison "EMD" Detachment, Stuart Street, Power Station. There is a signature of the C.O. which looks like J.E. WISTON.
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