Author Topic: Hello. Anyone Remember James Wolstenholme, Manchesters 1948-58?  (Read 9450 times)

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Re: Hello. Anyone Remember James Wolstenholme, Manchesters 1948-58?
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Hi Mark
I have turned the photo right way up for you.
Cliff P Son of 3525679 Sgt Arthur Phillips 1st Bn Manchester Regiment and RAPC

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Re: Hello. Anyone Remember James Wolstenholme, Manchesters 1948-58?
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Hi again Mark,
The prime reason we more than likely failed to meetup was purely to the facts that we were in Company detachments - HQ were based via Minden Barracks and Butterworth, at tht time in 1953 I was Platoon Sgt of The Sarawak Rangers on attachment to C Company down over in Termeloh, Pahang, I received a signal advisiing me to come back to Charlie Coy on the end of May or 1st June as I was to be sent home on compassionate grounds as my father was dying. I met up with the MO+ Sgt Charlies Marshall and a was told I was to be flown to Kuala Lumper and transported by Dakota to Seletar RAF base where I would be documented and passed over to the civilian base at Changie for flight to UK. Was give loads of injections as required as I was to travel in civilian clothes via Singapore, Rangoon, Karachi, Calcutta, Egypt then Rome and finally to London Heathrow; there I was rushed by Police car to the then Military Transit Camp on the Tube for issue out of military clothing from which I was then driven road wise by associated Police Forces until I was dropped at my Mother's house in Swinton, Manchester some time fairly late in the evening to find my Uncle from London and a couple of Dad's other brothers and sisters taking turns to sit with him in Hope Hospital Salford. I managed a couple of hours kip and when into see him on the morning of June 4th (the day after the Coronation). I visited with him right through until Saturday afternoon (the 6th) advised by my Uncle George from London, take an evening off and see some of you old mates, we are all visiting him this evening. I got home about 1045pm only to be told by my Uncle that dad had collapsed and died about 8pm.
On the Onday morning I went along with Uncle George to collect his death certificate to take along to the Registrar and then organise the Funeral.
I had about three weeks home after the funeral, then reported to Ladysmith Barracks and received travel documents to sail back to Malaya on a trooper from Southampton - it was ninety% RN plus going to Singapore + some ATS or so for the return home I was basically the only 'Pongo' but did have the advantage of receiving my 'Tot as an honorary PO'.
On arrival at Singapore I was advised that my Unit was now based at the Dublin Rubber Estate, Perak and travelled by train to Prai near Butterworth where transport took me back to C Company.
The Company and my Sarawak Rangers were out on a major operation ' Operation Browdsword' if I remember rightly and came in a few days later. It was about this time that I was also informed by the Company Commander (Major Clutterbuck) that I should not have come back to Malaya as I had overstayed my Tour of Duty and would be flown back to the UK the next day and off back to Ladysmith Barracks posted as advance party for return of the Battalion in May.
I took my PYTHON leave (around 90 days for my three years  of Malaya) on my return to Manchester, did all sorts of jobs such as Provost Sgt at Ashton until we started to take over Harrington Barracks from about February onwards until the Bn came home in May 1954, then we had the Presentation of New Colours, and off on embarkation leave and away to Berlin about July/August as advance party for C Coy. On arrival in Berlin I was advised by the QM Major Joe Flynn that I was now part of his staff and was responsible for all Barrack Accomodation and Married Quarters. I took leave in December (Christmas and New Year) and married my wife Alice New Years Day, we travelled back to Berlin Jan. 13th and I stayed with the job after the new QM Cpt. 'Firey Fred 'Smith took over following the retirement of Joe Flynn. With the staff of RQMS Harry Emmott we handed over Wavell Barracks to The Black Watch Christmas time and then travelled down by night train to Minden to rejoin the Bn.
Rejoined Charlie Coy and my first job was to go back to the UK to complete a Platoon Weapons Course At Hythe Small Arms (Feb 1956) followed by the Guards Drill Course at Catherham ; on our return to Minden we moved into Married (civilian quarters) in Blumen Strasse until the new quarters were available and meanwhile carried out various exercises as platoon Sgt C Coy, around about March, whilst on the big Senallager NATO Exercise Johnny Heason and myself were ordered to Minden - he to promotion to WO2 and me to CQMS taking over Co Coy where I remained until the Bn came back to - firstly Harrington Barracks for a couple of weeks and then moved down to take over Warley Barracks, Brentwood. In 1958 I was informed by the Orderley Room  that " You have been declared Surplus to the Establisnment on the Amalgamation and that following that date you will return to Fulwood Barracks, Preston as Sgt and await further instructions pending your subsequent retirement to civilian life."

Kerboom Hail and Farewll - just like that. :o :o :o

Hence come that your late father in law and myself never actually met one another.
Thereby end of story, hope that you have enjoyed your visit with the Forum, nice to have chatted with you, take care and all the best.
PS. No I cannot say we ever met having seen the photo.
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Re: Hello. Anyone Remember James Wolstenholme, Manchesters 1948-58?
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Hi George,

Thanks for all your insight! It's definitely been worth it coming to this forum. Good luck to you and yours.


Mark Britt

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Re: Hello. Anyone Remember James Wolstenholme, Manchesters 1948-58?
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Thank you for the acknowledgement, all the best to you and your family and hope that you Mother-in-Law gets his records ok.
Nice to have met up wiih you.
All the best and Cheers.