Author Topic: Herbert Carl Anderson - Halifax Hundred.....found Him..Thank you.  (Read 2680 times)


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Hello to everyone on here.

Herbert Carl Anderson - known as Carl Anderson

Thanks to all of the contributors on this forum. If it wasn't for you I would never have found any info on my grandfather.  For many years all I knew about him was that he was from Halifax, Nova Scotia and he served in the Toronto Scottish Regiment in the second world war.  He came to England, He met my gran and they married. My dad was born in June 1944. After the war he went back to Canada and that's where the story ends. We have never heard or saw him after that.

It's been gnawing away at me for years what happened to him, so I'm really pleased to have found a photo of him on this forum.

I've got to say that this forum is a fantastic resource and I'm really hopeful that I'll be able to find out more information on him.

Once again...thanks

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Re: Herbert Carl Anderson - Halifax Hundred.....found Him..Thank you.
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really pleased to help Carl, but I think Dave should be taking the plaudits here!!  ;D
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Re: Herbert Carl Anderson - Halifax Hundred.....found Him..Thank you.
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Agreed. I've looked at some of his posts and the info he has got is fantastic. It's great to know that there are people like Dave and yourself who devote so much time and effort to help others on here.

The only info I have got is his name and a photo. My dad (Carl's son) has got the photo which I will get scanned and try to post over the weekend. The photo has thrown me for a few years because Carl is wearing a Toronto Scottish uniform and glengarry. As a consequence my searches have always concentrated on the Toronto Scottish regiment to which I have had no success. My Gran Mary Mills (maiden name) was born in Denton and raised in Ashton u Lyne and this got me thinking how did she meet a Canadian soldier? With this question in mind I googled "canadian soldiers in Manchester WW2" - and guess what.....this forum turned up alongside Dave's excel file listing the Halifax Hundred! I opened the file and saw the name HC Anderson....I was gobsmacked!

I was equally gobsmacked tonight when I saw a photo of Carl stood with three other soldiers and a kind old local lady who is sat in a chair called Mrs. Mills....that kind old lady is my Great Grandmother!!!!


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Re: Herbert Carl Anderson - Halifax Hundred.....found Him..Thank you.
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Hi Colin,

I’ve been looking for Carl’s family for so long I was overjoyed when I read your post. I’m away from my home pc at the moment but I’ll be back tomorrow (Tuesday) & I’ll email you the few photos I have of Carl & we’ll take it from there.

In late March/early April 1939 Carl along with E.J. Anderson, Thomas McCarthy & Thomas Nolan departed Halifax aboard the Manchester Commerce & sailed to England.

I don’t have any info on Carl after the war & I wasn’t aware of his Toronto Scottish service however he is the fourth man we now know took this route. As you probably know, the Toronto Scottish Regiment, like the Manchesters was a machine gun battalion.

I look forward to talking with you Colin & sharing what information I do have with you.