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Private John Docherty 37934 Chateau Segard
« on: May 29, 2012, 09:25:32 PM »

I am trying to find out anything about my great uncle.  He was born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire in 1899, the eldest son of John & Mary Docherty (nee McInnes)

It would appear that the family moved from Scotland down to 29 Chapel Place, Barton upon Irwell between 1911 and 1917.

In June 1917, the 16th Battalion had moved up from France to the Ypres Sector and were on work details and camped at the Chateau Segard, near the village of Dickebusch, SW of Ypres.    The Battalion was providing work parties to bring stores up to the front line.  Five men from the 16th Battalion died on the 27th and all five may well have died in just one or two shell blasts were buried in the Dickebusch New Cemetery Extension.

I have found his grave and have arranged to visit on the anniversary of his death this year.  I would like to know more about the 16th Battlion and their movements.  Where was he killed, was it at the Chateau.



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Re: Private John Docherty 37934 Chateau Segard
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Hi Wayne

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There is a small section on the 16th Battalion on the main site

16th Battalion


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Re: Private John Docherty 37934 Chateau Segard
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A relative of ours, 38104 Pte William Dearnaley, was involved in the same incident (died the next day at Remy Sidings). He was with;
33164   Pte   Harry   Belfield   27   
51081   Pte   W.A           Ward            ?              ?   
245106   Pte   William   Garner   24   
37934   Pte   John           Docherty   19      
51061   Pte   J           Robinson   ?   

The war diary and other bits I found allowed me to develop the following on the death of William, which will give you insight into what happened.

The war diary of 90th Infantry Brigade for the 27th July 1917 states “Hostile shelling visibly increased in volume”. The Brigade diary informs that the 16th Manchester’s were billeted in No4 Area at Chateau Segard No4 from 23rd July.
The Battalion war diary and casualty list indicate that on the 27th July 1917 William was one of the work party members of ‘D’ Company taking part in moving supplies up to the forward area around Sanctuary Wood, which was the ‘Assembly Area’ for the planned attack and that they were also preparing the trench system and other detailed tasks in that area. The records state that 5 men were killed on that night (all 5 are buried in Dickenbusch Cemetery), which would have been the site of an Aid Station on the casualty evacuation route.

However, the casualty list states that a further 15 were ‘Wounded in Action’ that night, including the Battalion Medical Officer (Lt W.S. Kidd RAMC) and the Padre (Revnd R. Park RAChD), which would indicate that a shell hit the area of the Regimental Aid Post (RAP). 10 of the 15 wounded casualties were members of ‘D’ Company which included William Dearnaley.

Hope this helps?