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 Museum of the Manchester Regiment

FREE Evening Talks Programme 2012

Date: Tuesday 9th October 2012
Title: 256 Years of Service: The Manchester Regiment Story 1756-2012
Description: This brief history of the Regiment will highlight some of the famous names in the Regiments� story, where they served and what they did. Learn more about the Regiment�s first Victoria Cross winners as well as what the latest generation of Regimental soldier is doing today.
Duration: 45 minutes � 1 hour.
Speaker: Garry Smith (Curator of the Regimental Museum)

 Date: Tuesday 6th November 2012
Title: Tommy Atkins: The Life of a Manchester Regiment Soldier 1914-1918.
Description: Did you have a relative that served in the First World War? If so, why not come along to this interactive talk and learn more about what they wore, what they ate and how they lived, fought and died in the �Great War for Civilisation�. You will have the opportunity to wear the type of uniform they would have worn and handle the equipment they would have carried.
Duration: 45 minutes � 1 hour.
Speakers: Mr Stewart Cook & Mr Brian Walton (Manchester Regiment Living History Society)

 Date: Tuesday 4th December 2012
Title: Not a Rotter in the Lot: 6th Battalion Manchester Regiment
Description: They may originally have been drawn from the legal, financial and stock-broking sectors, but the men of the 6th Battalion Manchester Regiment proved themselves in battle at Gallipoli and on the Western Front in 1918. This talk gives greater insight into the men of the Battalion and their movements throughout the First World War
Duration: 45 minutes � 1 hour.
Speaker: Mr John Hartley

 For Further Information:
Each talk is FREE to attend and you do not need to book. The Museum of the Manchester Regiment will be open from 6:30pm. The talk will start at 7:15pm followed by time for questions/answers and an opportunity to look around the Museum. For further information please contact the Museum of the Manchester Regiment (0161 342 2254) or email garry.smith1(at)

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