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Re: Identifying this man?!
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its not the same man,you can compare eyes,ears,hair etc but theres one thing that folks overlook,have a look at the channel under the noses of both soldiers,ross-bain doesnt have one ;)ime crap at anatomy so i dont know the correct name for this channel,we called it a snot gutter at school ;D ;D

mack ;D

Thats the philtrum, I remember that advert!  ;D


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Re: Identifying this man?!
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Hopefully this may be of some help.
Sorry I did not do this before.

Going by what Sphinx said at the beginning,

(If its any help in trying to ID him, I would add the following.

The first coloured photo shows him with Manchetser Regt collars but still with his OTC cap badge, not sure which.

The second photo shows him with Manchester Regiment collars with a 'T' below, indicating a Territorial Force Battalion.
He has an RFC cap badge and is also a RFC qualified pilot.

Both photos are pre-1917 uniform with cuff rankings.)

In the army list for the 7th Battalion for 1916 the only officer serving under the Air Ministry in the Battalion was GHA Hawkins.

Geoffery Herbert Algernon Hawkins
Served overseas with the 7th Bn as a Lieut and then a Captain before joining the RFC later RAF as a Lieut.
He was entitled to the Victory and British medals, and also was issued with a silver war badge on the 30th Dec 1919.
His address was given as
Gable Nook

I think because of the following information he would have been allowed to wear the wings on his Army uniform (someone else may be able to confirm this) and this was why he was serving in the 7th Bn under the Air Ministry.
The following information is in Mack's Miscellany
Title: the flying manchesters
Post by: mack on 02-09-2009,

capt geoffrey,herbert algernon hawkins
passed on a maurice farman biplane,on 23-8-15,at the military school,shoreham
born 21-12-1892
gable nook,didsbury
7th manchesters

Hope this helps



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Re: Identifying this man?!
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There is a photo on Ancestry but it is very dark and you can't make it out.



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Re: Identifying this man?!
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From the Flight dated AUGUST 24, 1916.

Lieut. G. H. A. Hawkins, Manchester Regt., attd. R.F.C.


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Re: Identifying this man?!
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Not the clearest photo ever - but enough to say it's not locket man.

Locket man? That's a song isn't it?

The flowers left thick at nightfall in the wood
This Eastertide call into mind the men,
Now far from home, who, with their sweethearts, should
Have gathered them and will do never again.