Author Topic: Manchester Regiment in Heidleberg 1906  (Read 4995 times)


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Manchester Regiment in Heidleberg 1906
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Hi All

My ancestor Joseph Robinson private 9974 served with the Manchester Regiment in Heidleberg South Africa in 1905/1906. he was discharged from the army in May 1906 as medically unfit to serve. I have his discharge papers he was listed as serving in Manchester Regiment 3rd Battalion F company. Discharged 29th May at Netley. It mentions the lieutenant of 3rd battalion inquiring into an incident in Heidleberg 17th February 1906 are there any records of the 3rd Battalion at that time.


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Re: Manchester Regiment in Heidleberg 1906
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I suggest you go back to the main site and look up the Boer War items.  That is the period of  the 3rd Battalion in South Africa.