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Saluting and The Last Post
« on: October 27, 2016, 03:19:35 PM »
Over the years it has become noticeable that there appears to be an increasing number of individuals both serving and veterans who are unsure of the rules of when to salute during The Last Post. The MOD, as it does each year, has sent out a reminder of the rules. It is copied below for information and to prevent confusion. 
When attending Remembrance or Armistice Day Parades as with all other similar parades, officers in uniform wearing head dress either on parade or as spectators are reminded that they should always salute when the Last Post is played coming up to the salute on the first note and return on the last note. They are then to remain at attention throughout the 2 minute silence and during the Reveille.  Other Ranks and all those in civilian clothes are not to salute but are to come to attention on the first note of the Last Post and remain at attention throughout the 2 minute silence until the last note of the Reveille. 

Those in civilian clothes wearing civilian head-dress are to remove the head-dress during the Last Post but replace it for the 2 minute silence and the Reveille.  It is customary for veterans wearing military style head-dress such as berets or glengarries to conform to the uniformed policy according to their rank.