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My Grandad Michael Joseph Carroll
« on: March 10, 2011, 06:55:33 PM »
Hi I'm looking for any info about my grandad, or his regiment, the information I have is his service number 34828 Michael Joseph Carroll 16th M/cter Pals & 20th M/cter Pals, we have been told he volenteered in October 1914 for the 20th, then after the 3rd Battle of Ypes where 644 were killed out of the Battalion Strength of 1000, the remaining 356 were sent to make up the strenghts of the 16th & 17th, my grandad ended up in the 16th, it has been passed down to me that he was wounded twice, gassed, buried alive by a shell hitting the trench and dug out by the French, finally being taken prisoner on March 21st 1918 at Manchester Hill St Quentin, finally being sent home in March 1919 and dying of his wounds in April 1947, I have found a medal card on the National Archives, but it contains no info, and I can not find any other info to confirm any of this.
If anyone can help with any info on records of his service, records of prisoner of war, or any info at all, I would be very greatful. Barry.

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Re: My Grandad Michael Joseph Carroll
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Hi Barry

I think your post has been lost as it was in the photo section, i am moving it to the correct plkace and i hope someone will be able to help you there



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Re: My Grandad Michael Joseph Carroll
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Hi Barry

Welcome to the forum.

A Carroll is mentioned by Captain T A M Nash in his book The Diary of an Unprofessional Soldier on page 84.
He's talking about the attack on the village of Montauban on the 1st of July 1916 (1st day of the battle of the Somme)
The book is about the 16th Battalion of the Manchester's it is now out of print.


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Re: My Grandad Michael Joseph Carroll
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The death of a Michael Carroll, aged 53, was registered at Barton-on-Irwell in June 1947.

I think he was possibly the son of another Michael Carroll and Mary Ann (nee MacNamee).
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