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Belton House Grantham
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From Wiki
At the beginning of World War I, like many other British landowners, the 3rd Earl Brownlow offered his house and park to the Government for war service. The offer was accepted, and the largest and most drastic changes were made in the park since the time of Viscount Tyrconnel's folly building. In 1915, the home dep�t and training ground of the Machine Gun Corps were established in the southern part of Belton park. The lie of the land there, where the River Witham passes between the Lower Lincolnshire Limestone and the Upper Lias mudstone, lent itself to the development of the necessary firing ranges close to good communications by way of the Great North Road and the East Coast main line railway station at Grantham. The dep�t was closed in 1919, the site cleared and the land restored to Lord Brownlow in 1920. Little sign of the Machine Gun Corps's stay remains in the park, but plaques and inscriptions can be followed from the south gate of Belton park to the memorial gate on the way from there to the town centre and in the north aisle of Grantham parish church

It was also used as a training ground and many Manchester's did their training here.
In the house is a Silver figure given to the Brownlow family by the MGC with the 11th Battalion Manchester Regiment as one of the Battalions that presented it to Lady Brownlow.
I was not allowed to take a photo of it :'(

Photo one is of Belton house and no. 2 is of the grounds.

Timberman :)
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Re: Belton House Grantham
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I was not allowed to take a photo of it :'(

Why not ???

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Re: Belton House Grantham
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Possibly part of the 'in-house' rules to reduce potential burglaries following the spate of such thefts from many large houses which are open to the public or have had photospreads in certain magazines.