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Some photos of my Dad who served in Berlin from 7/9/54-11/5/56. He boxed welterweight for the regiment when the Manchesters won the inter Berlin championships. He laso played football for the reg to and played at the Berlin Olympic stadium.

The regiment boxing team that won the championship

back of the photo signed the old man sign it (Just fight"Bowie") I see an officer was on the team

Dad won on points against the Berkshires

Won with TKO rnd 3 against Cheshires

Back of the next two photos says Beat the G Guards won TKO

I can remember him saying once that the event was 5-5 against the ? and the last bout of the evening was the blue riband one of the welterwieght needless to say he did the regiment pround and won his bout giving the championship to the Manchesters.

Last coup[le of the fooball match. All I can remember was I think I was told is was a combined services team against the German Police in front of about 100.000 my dad was inside right.

Berlin Olymic Stadium 54-56?
12th from the left middle row

5th from left

Robert Bonner:
Excellent photos Bowie.  The officer in the middle of the group is Major John Gardner who was probably responsible for the battalion boxing at that time.  Included on one of the photos - in uniform and holding the challenge cup - is one of our forum members who will probably be able to add a few names.  I will leave that to him!!


Great photos Bowie.  If you have not allready found them have a look in the Photos & Postcard Project section.  Go to Photos by Battalion the you will find a section on Germany and another on the Far East.  The Germany ones are from before the Regiment went to Malaya so before your fathers time with the 1st Bn.  You may find some of the Malaya ones of interest though.

Robert Bonner:
The photograph showing our Forum Member with the challenge cup shows the winners of the Berlin Independent Brigade Inter-unit boxing, having just beaten the Grenadier Guards.
L to R: Privates Marsland, Dennison, Sergeant X, Privates Wayman, Petrie and Bowman.
Probably April 1955.



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