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Re: John Yates (28593)
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But those straws are just begging to be clutched at times ;D

So is that common for s/n's to be changed to a 6 digit number?  Could explain why he cant be found under 6796 I guess. :-\

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Re: John Yates (28593)
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i guessing really Sharon, but it's the only thing i can think of, he was abroad, therefore he was entitled to medals but he's not obviously there under that number. i have certainly come across manchester lads who could only be found on one of their numbers
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Re: John Yates (28593)
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Hi all,

Just thought I would update you on my Grandfather John Yates.  Unfortunately the inscription in the first aid book is still a mystery and doesnt tally with the records I can find.   Unless he enlisted in another name orior to the current records.  Still no luck finding the mysterious James Angus either!!!!!  I wont give up on it but unless I get some other clues, this part may remain a frustrating mystery!

It appears that he was with the 23rd Btn Man Regiment.  Before my trip to the Somme a friend kindly copied the  service records from the NA for me - of course while I was away Ancestry got up to date with the records so they are now there as well :)

My understanding is signed up on the 9th of August 1915 and that he was with the 27th Btn for his training ( and please correct me if Im reading the records wrong!) and was sent to France with the 23rd ( bantams) on the 2-6-1916.
His records show alot of offences - from disprespect to NCO to numerous cases of absences.
The part that surprised me was that he was court martialled for Self Inflicted gun shot wound ( to the left hand while cleaning his rifle )and was obviously found guilty ( he claims it was an accident  but apparently there was a witness) and was sentenced to 3 months.
I believe SIW occured around or on the 27th of October 1916 ( this part Im not 100% on but this date is mentioned in his records) 
His FGCM was in March 1917.   Later that year he was with the Labour Corp. (where he got into trouble for absences  again!)
In March 1921 he enlisted with the 9th Btn Manchester Regiment and was issued with another number - 3516128. 
I just wanted to share what I had found out in case anyone was interested :) If it wasnt for the wonderful people on this forum and the GWF I wouldnt know anything about my grandfather so thank you all.