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Service number
« on: January 13, 2008, 02:55:20 PM »
Could someone let me know is the soldiers number a service number as it is today or a regiment number.
The reason I'm asking I was looking up my grandads number (1459) and found several soldier whith the same number. Private C Barry (1459) 2nd Kings own Royal Lancaster Regiment. Anglo Boer War.
Then I thought well maybe when someone died they re-issued the number. Then I found another one in the ZULU wars same number. This theory was shot down when I found a Sydney Arthue Jacobs (1459) Trooper Australian Light Horse KIA 01/06/1916
Thanks Timberman

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Re: Service number
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up unto 1922, all service numbers were regimental and were re-cycled

the manchester regular and territorial (5 - 10) battalions used 1 to 9999 until 1914, when the service battalions went into 5 fig numbers

in 1917 the territorial battalions were re-numbered with 6 figure numbers

in 1922 in a huge re-organisation meant that every soldier was issued with an individual 7 figure number
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Re: Service number
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Thanks Harribobs
That cleared that up.