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faithful friends. 1/7th manchesters
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on 29th may,ptes thomas and harold granger were involved in the attack on the turkish trenches by the 7th manchesters,after reaching the turks trench,harold began firing away at the turks while his brother thomas began digging in,as he turned to speak to him,harold was hit in the head by a bullet,he took out his dressing and bandaged him up,harold was concious for a few minutes but managed to speak to thomas and told him he wasnt in any pain,then he lost conciousness and died,he was buried behind the trenches the following day,captain kerby the brigade chaplain came up to read the service,which was done under fire,on hearing that their best friend had been killed,ptes r.lister, j,b lister and a,v firth crossed two miles of shell+MG swept ground from their 6th battalions lines to attend their friends funeral,thomas wrote and told his parents of their feat and added that he hoped they got back safe,the officer censoring the letters inserted"they did".
harold probably died not knowing that he and his brother had both been granted commissions on 10th march 1915

pte 2168 richard lister was later shot in the left arm on 4th june and his brother pte 2289 john,bedford lister was killed the following day,pte 2383 atkinson,vernon firth was promoted to serjeant and survived the war

on 4th june,thomas who had been shot in the shoulder,was left in a large shell crater with 20 other wounded men,because they were unable to get them back when the battalion had to retire,thomas was taken prisoner and sent to gul khane hospital at istanbul,he was sent to aflon kara hissar after he recovered

2397 harold,mossman granger and 2393 thomas,edgar granger,branscombe,davenport park,stockport
2168 richard lister and 2289 john,bedford lister,7 mile end lane,stockport
2383 atkinson,vernon firth,31 frewland ave,stockport

chaplain edwin,thomas kerby,albert mount,oldham.

the 20 wounded men with thomas,dont appear to have been as fortunate as him,its likely that thomas was taken prisoner because he was an officer and they killed the rest,only three other 7th manchesters are known to have been captured at gallipoli

they were
pte 2323 christopher nealon,24 hothersall rd,salford
pte 1552 joseph,van calstron,44 north george st,salford
pte 1822 john pearson
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Re: faithful friends. 1/7th manchesters
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Granger, Harold Mossman of Branscombe, Davenport Park, Stockport, Cheshire, private Manchester Regiment died 29 May 1915 in the Gallipoli Peninsula. Administration London 29 July to Thomas Granger manufacturing confectioner.
Effects £286


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Re: faithful friends. 1/7th manchesters
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Lister, John Bedford of Oakfield, Mile End Lane, Stockport, Cheshire died on or since 5 June 1915 at Gallipoli on active service. Administration (with will) London 25 January to Matilda Lister (wife of Richard Bedford Lister).
Effects £214