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Special Operations
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I'm including this just to show that not all our Manchester Regiment soldiers served with the regular or territorial battalions.  He was a real hero.

Captain Michael Trotobas

A special services hero of WWII of Anglo-French parentage. He was commissioned into the Manchester Regiment on 19 January 1941 and served at Ladysmith Barracks until 1 June 1941 when he joined the Special Operations Executive. He was shortly afterwards parachuted into France, was captured by the Vichy police and interned in a concentration camp. He organised a mass escape of British Officers and returned to the UK. In November 1942 he was again parachuted into France where he established and led the 'Farmer' circuit, a sabotage group based in Lille. At the end of February 1943 'Farmer' had its first successful derailment of 40 railway trucks which were destroyed and the Lens-Bethune railway line closed for two days. By mid-summer his railway gangs were achieving 15-20 derailments a week and imposing much delay on goods traffic in the area.

Trotobas, or Capitaine Michel as he was known had great success with his resistance group but was eventually betrayed and the house where he was staying was raided. Before Trotobas was killed he shot and killed the inspector of the raiding party. In Lisle there is a memorial in a cemetery to Captain Michael Trotobas of the Manchester Regiment & also a plaque on the wall of Rue de Capitaine Michel.


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Re: Special Operations
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thank's Robert.  He was a very brave man to go back after escaping.
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