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machine gunners gallipoli. 6th manchesters
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4th june 1915
as the battalion made its assault on the turkish trenches,sgt robert gill and his three machine gun teams moved forward behind them,and took up positions to cover them,this being done under heavy fire,as the battalion continued its advance,sgt gills men kept moving his guns into support positions,losing two men killed and four badly wounded in the process,after the turkish trenches were cleared,he set up his guns in the furthest trench,the turks began to counter attack fiercly,but sgt gills men repulsed them,with very heavy losses to the turks,
sgt gill was later hit in the face,losing the sight in one eye and smashing his jaw.

sgt 370 robert,w gill
enlisted 10-4-1908
aged 54
awarded the DCM for his actions on 4th june,gazetted 3-6-19
1915 star
war+victory medals
won major westmacotts silver medal for shooting

possibly the oldest manchester,to win the DCM in WW1
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