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King's Regulations
« on: December 29, 2007, 12:12:41 PM »
Para 392 until 1918 covers reasons for discharge, with numerous sub-paras defining each possible type. Is there any online resource which lists the various sub-paras? Particularly interested in 392 (iii) & have a suspicion that this may relate to discharge due to reserved occupation.

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Re: King's Regulations
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well... here is your reference
para 392
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Re: King's Regulations
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That will do nicely! I couldn't read the info on the form but having checked your reference it does indeed say "not likely to become efficient soldier". He lasted 7 Apr 1915 - 9 Jul 1915, which also ties in with the 3 month period referred to. He must have chosen to enlist, though, with thos dates & despite being a collier. Hope he wasn't subsequently the recipient of white feathers!

There are other annotations on the form which are only partially legible (to me). The first starts "418", is followed by what looks like "P.M" and then the date 4.6.15. The other is something-"fied from" a word which might be "certificate" and the same 4.6.15 date. Later entry is bracketed with his particulars of marriage & kids, so I wonder if it is a reference to proof of his wife & kids having been ascertained from paperwork.