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bomb and bullet proof. 19th manchesters
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26th may 1916.maricourt
pte george greaves
the prussians relieved the poles in front of us,they are not like the poles they are a bad lot,when they spotted our new trench,they made us suffer badly,they shelled us mercilessly and blazed away with their machine guns,i got hit in the head close to my eye and got one in my right arm,they got me down to the dressing station and later on,while being loaded in the ambulance to be taken to the 34th CCS,on 9th july,a shell dropped right in front of me,wounding me in the right thigh+right elbow,the poor orderly who was helping me,was killed outright
i was taken to 13th gen hospital at bolougne and put aboard the hospital ship SS st.denis on 14th july and sailed for england,then admitted to norfolk war hospital.

pte 12344 george greaves
enl 11-9-14
aged 19
worked as a clerk+shorthand typist for the london+north western railway at exchange station,manchester
educated at leek learning college
lived at bridge house,bridge end,leek,staffs
formerly resided at 41 brokencross,macclesfield