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sad tidings. 19th manchesters
« on: November 30, 2009, 03:37:25 PM »
pte james henry parr,dulmen POW camp germany

dear mother
thank you for your letter,you ask about arnold,hes not with us in the camp and hes not in hospital wounded,he was killed by a machine gun on 23th july 1916,i wouldnt tell his people till they get official news.
i also got your postcard,please can you send me some stuff like bacon,cheese,bread,we barely have anything to eat and what little we get,is aweful

your loving son

pte 31061 james,henry parr
40 ellesmere st,crumpsall
captured 23-7-16
enl 18-10-15
aged 19

L/sgt 12090 arnold hague[C.coy]
19 station rd,crumpsall
son of william,charles+emma hague
enl 12-9-14
aged 20

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