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Surrey Branch of the Western Front Association Meeting 2008
« on: February 05, 2008, 12:48:55 PM »
Anyone in the Surrey and Borders area.

The Western Front Association (WFA) aims to perpetuate the memory of those who fought and those who died in the Great War of 1914-1918, especially in France and Belgium. Membership entitles each member to receive copies of its magazines Stand To! and the Bulletin. See for more details.

The Surrey Branch meets at 7.45 p.m. on the third* Wednesday of every month in The Day Centre, Lushington Drive, Cobham, KT11 2LY (behind Waitrose). Do come along to the next talk. You do not need to be a member of the WFA to attend our talks and you are assured of a warm welcome. Entrance is free, although a donation at the door is always welcome as a contribution towards the cost of our accommodation, speakers' expenses, etc. (*Second Wednesday in December.)

Programme of Talks:

Wed 20th February: Gordon Corrigan on: Haig & Montgomery A comparison
Historian and TV presenter Major Gordon Corrigan will compare the careers and achievements of the most famous and controversial British commanders in the two World Wars and answer the question – Who was the better general and why?

Wed 19th March: David Fletcher on: Armoured Cars in the Great War.
British armoured cars evolved throughout WWI and were employed in France, Flanders, the Middle East, Russia and India. David Fletcher, Historian at the Tank Museum at Bovington, will tell their story.

Wed 16th April: Brigitte Mitchell on: Researching German WW1 Documents
Researching British and Dominion records in the National Archives is well-known but how do you go about researching German records to get a different viewpoint? Brigitte Mitchell will explain all.

Wed 21st May: Lt Cmdr Mark Brady on: Flanders Coast Operations
Mark Brady will describe how the Flanders Coast was the scene of naval operations, a bombing offensive against the ports and the ‘Grand Landing’ which was to have been the D-Day of WW1.

Wed 18th June: David Filsell on: Aerial Fighters
David Filsell will compare the leading air aces on each side of the battle, with particular reference to Mick Mannock and Manfred von Richthofen, and their respective contributions to the development of tactics used in aerial combat.

Wed 16th July: Julian Whippy on: The Patient Killers-Sniping.

Wed 20th August: Ian Cull on: The Last Cruise of the Emden.

Wed 17th September: Joanna Legg on: German Defence of Loos Village-September 1915.

Wed 15th October: Dr Graham Keech on: The Murder of Captain Fryatt.

Wed 19th November: AGM and Member's Presentations.