Author Topic: insensitive war office. 16th manchesters  (Read 2641 times)

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insensitive war office. 16th manchesters
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oscar blankenberger was born in 1891,in chorlton on medlock,manchester,the son of james and bertha,he worked as a warehouseman for george,r dewhursts of manchester,after war was declared,oscar left his job,and joined the 16th manchesters,on 3rd sept 1914,he married miss lily martin,on 24th july 1915 at reather st methodist church,manchester,and went to live at 80 nicholson st,rochdale rd.
oscar went through all his training,and proceeded to france with his battalion on 8th november 1915,on the 19th april,he was serving alongside his pals in the front line,when he recieved orders to procede to etaples,on arrival,he was informed by the adjutant of 30th infantry brigade,to report to the RTO at etaples main railway station on 22nd april,at 3.30pm,and was to be put aboard the train at 3.53pm,he was to procede to england and report himself to the OC 25th res battalion at altcar,southport.
after he arrived at altcar,he was informed that he was being discharged from the army,because his services were no longer required,he was discharged on 26th may 1915,and sent on munitions work at messrs stubbs,mill st,ancoats.

on 6th sept 1921,oscar wrote to the war office,he explained that he had served his country to the best of his ability,but had been told that his services were no longer required,because he had a german name,he had changed his name to philip whitehill in 1916,and could they inscribe his medals with his new name,i now have children,and i would like to show them my medals one day,but not if they show the name blankenberger.
the war office refused,on the grounds that he changed his name shortly after his discharge.

pte 7078 oscar,philip blankenberger
enl 3-9-14
aged 23
43 nicholson st,rochdale rd[formerly 80 nicholson st]
children.amelia born 1919 and miriam born 1920