Author Topic: found in trones wood. 16th manchesters  (Read 2722 times)

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found in trones wood. 16th manchesters
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driver john neale.A.battery,76th brigade,RFA.

letter to mrs a.sanders
our wagon lines were parked up behind trones wood,one evening,i went into the wood,and came across the corpse of a soldier,he was wearing a great coat with RWK shoulder titles,i found part of an ID tag around his neck,which gave his name as pte j.sanders,lying next to him,were letters with your address on them,i buried him in a shell hole with the help of some infantrymen and marked his grave,i have sent his letters to you.

sincerely sorry
j.a neale

pte stanley ingham
to mrs sanders
me and john,along with some others,were in trones wood on 11th july,john and another man were killed,i along with two others,managed to escape,thats the last time i saw him.

pte 6259 stanley,ernest ingham
11 gilmour terrace,moston lane,manchester
wife annie
aged 24

driver 22662 john,alfred neale
46 balfair rd,lower edmonton
aged 30

pte 7481 john,edward sanders
5 hayfield terrace,pendleton
wife mary+two children
aged 38

pte richard dooley was reported missing on 11th july 1916 after being sent out with a party of seven men into trones wood,he was never seen again

pte 7817 richard,abraham dooley[renumbered 27117]
17 carruthers st,manchester
aged 21
son of richard+alice,ann
worked as a moulder in manchester
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