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mud,dead and dying. 19th manchesters
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the morning of the 20th october 1916
after the failed assault on gird trench on 18th oct,we were visited by our CO in the front line,the work of burying the dead,cleaning our rifles and equipment and clearing the mud from the trenches was already underway,there were many wounded and dead men everywhere,bombs and ammo had been brought forward the previous day,the mud made this task very difficult and the constant shelling made it dangerous work,many of the men were exhausted,our casualties this day amounted to 7 killed,3 missing and 31 wounded,one of these being pte stewart who died at the CCS at heilly from his wounds.

the dead.
pte 30481 john beckett,86 blossom st,ancoats
pte 41033 alfred,samuel,robert harrison,2 lewerage works yard,norwich
pte 12515 henry hooper,42 garibaldi st,longsight
pte 33482 george jeffries,29 ely st,hulme
pte 35744 wilfred lenigan,8 trevor st,oldham
pte 33898 joseph manford,18 walmer st,rusholme
pte 27787 herbert,charles mayall,21 mordaunt st,oldham
pte 34280 frederick,william pace of staffordshire
pte 26688 herbert rowley,171 hyde rd,woodley
pte 26172 henry stewart,21 dora st,rochdale rd,manchester
pte 32119 joseph yarwood,11 mill lane,cardiff

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