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Lord Kitchener's Final Despatch June 23 1902
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From Lord Kitchener's despatch, dated Cape Town June 23

I have the honour to submit a final despatch which covers the period between the signature of the terms of peace at Pretoria and my departure from Cape Town.  In this I have endeavoured to acknowledge some small portion of the kind assistance or loyal service rendered me by civilians and soldiers during my command in South Africa.

I well understand that the accompanying list, which is in continuation of the other lists submitted periodically by me of departmental, staff, and regimental officers who have, in my opinion, rendered exceptionally good service during the campaign, is incomplete, and that, notwithstanding all my care, there must necessarily be a proportion of officers omitted who have rendered equal, or even better, service than those who have been mentioned.  This, however, is the fortune of war, and will, I am sure, be well understood by the Army I have been so proud to command.

In the first place I wish to convey to his Excellency the High Commissioner my cordial thanks for the past, and my best wishes for the future.  In the many dim-cult situations in which I have had to co-operate with Lord Milner it has been the greatest relief to me to feel that I could always rely upon his unfailing sympathy and ungrudging assistance.

I find it difficult in the short space at my disposal to acknowledge the deep obligation of the Army in South Africa to the Governments of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Cape Colony, and Natal.  I will only say here that no request of mine was ever refused by any of these Governments, and that their consideration and generosity were only equalled by the character and quality of the troops they sent to South Africa, or raised in that country.

Manchester Regiment - Lieutenant Colonel C T Reay, CB; Brevet Major A W Marden; Captains B G Shuter, E Vaughan, W C N Hastings, B J A Terry, J H N Jebb, W T E Newbigging, DSO; 2nd Lieutenant T S Wickham; Quartermaster Sergeant J B Jones; Colour Sergeants O A Bassett, E Lloyd, J W Finney, W L Connery; Sergeants D A Carter, J Morris, G A L Wood, J Hill, F Pagan, G Clarke.

Manchester Regiment: 5th Battalion) - Lieutenant Colonel (Honourable Colonel) H Crosbie; Major H K Oram; Captain and Adjutant J C Crawford (Manchester Regiment); Sergeant Major J Homneystreet; Quartermaster Sergeant S Joyce.  6th Battalion-Quartermaster and Honorary Lieutenant M H Connery.