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Lord "Bob" mentions September 1901
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I came across some Boer War Manchester regiment mentions while I was looking for my South Lancs .... don't know if you'd be interested in them but thought I'd try with this one first ! some Lord Bob ... some Kitchener etc .... you may already have them but some of them are quite specific !

Manchester Regiment-Lieutenant Colonel C T Reay; Majors A B Maxwell, C C Melvill, H L James; Captains A W Marden, A Menzieg, W H Goldfinch (Brevet Major), G C Cooper-King, W P E Newbigging, J H M Jebb, C J H H Noble, R N Hardcastle, F F Deakin; Lieutenants H Fisher, A D N Merriman, R S Waters; Quartermaster and Honorary Lieutenant E Bankes; Sergeant Majors J T Haddon, G T Prosser; Quartermaster Sergeant C Pike; Colour Sergeants J Scott, W L Comnery, M Gleeson, C H Wilcock, J Finney, J Rhind, S E Kennedy, T Martin, F Walker, P McCabe (Volunteer Company); Sergeants M I Gresty, E Grant, P Murphy, J Burke, R J McKenzie, F Wood, G Clarke, C McD Lindsay; Sergeant Cook S W Davies; Sergeant F W Stirke (Volunteer Company); Lance Sergeant J C Richardson; Corporals J McDowell, J Robertson; Lance Corporals W J Preston, J Harris; Privates B F Newton, M Bell, E Collier, D A Archibald, W Howarth, T Pearson, T Gough.