Author Topic: trench of death. 20th manchesters  (Read 2239 times)

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trench of death. 20th manchesters
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17th april 1916.

ptes burke,bottoms and dodd and 4 other men,were on duty in the firing line,when a rifle grenade fell amongst them,ptes bottoms+dodd were both killed,one of them having part of his head blown off and the other recieved a large wound over his heart and part of his face blown off,another man suffered severe wounds to his head,arm,face and leg,and another recieved a wound in the shoulder,the two men were brought out,and buried side by side in citadel cemetery

pte 18115 william[bill] bottoms,10 deal st,hyde,aged 24
pte 17073 frank dodd,228 barlow rd,levenshulme,aged 21