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captain jack 23rd manchesters
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20th july 1916

Lt george simpson
we were in trones wood waiting for the order to attack,the men were very shaky after being heavily shelled,captain jack mounted the parapet and walked along it to rally the men,at 11.30 in the morning we began our attack,we got about 500yds from the wood,when captain jack was hit in the head by a bullet,just after shouting to the men"come on lads,dont be afraid of their guns",he died instantely,he was later found 500yds south of trones wood and buried by a party of the 20th lancs fusiliers

captain jacob,eustace rothband
14 the beeches,barlow moor rd,west didsbury
son of william,samuel+marian rothband 61 elizabeth st,cheetham hill
aged 37
former officer in the jewish lads brigade
commission agent in manchester

Lt george,edward simpson[later capt] was killed in action,on 22nd october 1917 north of ypres in the houthulst forest