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the flying manchesters
« on: September 02, 2009, 03:15:59 AM »
manchester officers awarded the royal aero club flying certificate

capt frank billinge
passed on a grahame-white biplane,on 22-9-16 at the military school,huntingdon
born 19-12-1894 manchester
2nd manchesters

2/Lt percy goodbehere
passed on a maurice farman biplane,on 20-3-17,at the military school,birmingham
born 10-3-1892
resided fern bank,plymouth grove,manchester
5th manchesters

capt geoffrey,herbert algernon hawkins
passed on a maurice farman biplane,on 23-8-15,at the military school,shoreham
born 21-12-1892
gable nook,didsbury
7th manchesters

Lt eric,gilbert leake
passed on a maurice farman biplane,on 5-1-17,at the military school,brooklands
born 26-1-1893
ardencraig,ollerbarrow rd,hale
7th manchesters
died in france,on 31-7-18
aged 25

capt george,william williamson
passed on a maurice farman biplane,on 31-3-16,at the military school,birmingham
born 6-6-1885
broad rd,sale
2nd manchesters[later 3rd batt]

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Re: the flying manchesters
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Frank Billinge joined 20 Squadron as an observer, scoring his first victory in February but was wounded by anti-aircraft fire on 14 March 1916. In August of the same year, he returned to the Home Establishment for pilot training and was posted to 32 Squadron on 24 November 1916. In 1917, he downed 2 more enemy aircraft and was promoted to flight commander. Reassigned to 56 Squadron on 6 February 1918, he scored his last two victories of the war flying the S.E.5a.

Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
Capt. Frank Billinge (Manch. R.).

A gallant officer who displays determination and judgment. When on a night reconnaissance his engine suddenly failed and he was compelled to head for home. At this moment he was attacked by an enemy aeroplane. Owing to engine trouble he was forced to avoid an engagement, and only escaped by the exercise of marked skill and resource. With great difficulty he managed to cross our trenches at a height of 200 feet, crashing into the reserve trenches behind. Although considerably shaken and bruised he and his observer proceeded to the nearest signal station and sent in their reconnaissance report.

Supplement to the London Gazette, 2 November 1918 (30989/12962)
Date   Time   Unit   Aircraft   Opponent   Location
1   13 Feb 1916   1615   20   F.E.2b (6336) 1   AGO C (DES)   W of Mouscron
2   23 Jan 1917   1515   32   D.H.2   C (DES) 2   Ervillers
3   27 Jan 1917   0945   32   D.H.2   C (DES) 3   Courcelles-Achiet
4   19 Feb 1918   1240   56   S.E.5a (B4880)   C (OOC) 4   SW of Rumaucourt
5   22 Mar 1918   1525   56   S.E.5a (B4880)   Albatros D.V (OOC)   SE of QuĂ©ant
1   Pilot Lt J T Kirton
2   Shared with Capt Leslie Peech Aizlewood, Lt G J King, Lt T A Gooch, Lt Arthur Randall and 2/Lt Arthur Coningham
3   Shared with Capt James Robb, Lt T A Gooch, Lt H D Davies, Lt Charles Pickthorn, Lt Eccles and Lt M L Taylor
4   Shared with Capt Louis Jarvis (B53)

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Re: the flying manchesters
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Eric Gilbert Leake

CAPTAIN LEAKE, born at Fallowfield, Manchester, England, January 26, 1893. Home in Altrincham, England. Served for nearly three years with the Lancashire & Yorkshire Bank, Limited, England. Joined Toronto, Ontario branch, April 4, 1913. Enlisted from Toronto branch, August 17, 1914. Won the Military Cross. Killed in action in France, July 31, 1918.

LEAKE, MC Eric Gilbert

Captain, 59th Squadron, Royal Air Force and 7th Battalion, Manchester Regiment. Died 31st July 1918. Aged 25. Son of James Medley Leake and Florence Leake, of 129, Hale Rd., Hale, Altrincham, Cheshire. Native of Manchester. Awarded the Military Cross (M.C.). Buried in BAGNEUX BRITISH CEMETERY, GEZAINCOURT, Somme, France. Plot IV. Row A. Grave 4.

In memory of
who died on July 31, 1918

Service Number: 28060
Age: 25
Force: Air Force
Unit: Royal Air Force
Division: 59th Squadron attd. Manchester Regiment

Date of Birth: January 26, 1893
Manchester, England
Son of James Medley Leake and Florence Leake, of Hale, Altrincham, Cheshire.
Burial Information:


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Re: the flying manchesters
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RFC and RAF Officers believed to have served in Warwickshire in WW1 and 1920s

03/02/1917 - 25/03/1917
2/Lt Percy Goodbehere
5 Reserve Squadron

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Re: the flying manchesters
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Pup B1843 - 2nd Lt P Goodbehere, No 54 Sqn, pow 22 October 1917

Sopwith Pup
54 Squadron
Lt Percy Goodbehere