Author Topic: still missing. 16th manchesters  (Read 2258 times)

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still missing. 16th manchesters
« on: September 01, 2009, 10:05:13 AM »
pte 7682 thomas,henry burns was reported missing,on 30th july 1916,the adjutant of the 11th KRRC reported to the OC the 16th manchesters,that they had found his body on 1st october 1916,and buried him.

pte 7682 thomas,henry burns
34 sand st,rochdale rd,manchester
killed in action,30-7-16
aged 26

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Re: still missing. 16th manchesters
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In part, his service record survives.

Husband of Catherine Hart, and if my information is correct, father of 3 Thomas born 1912, Catherine born 1913 and Agnes born 1915.
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