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wounded terriers
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28th june 1915
another batch of terriers arrived at mayfield rd station,manchester today,and admitted to 2nd western general hospital whitworth st
cpl 931 alick buckley 1/10th bayonet wound in foot.werneth,oldham
L/cpl 1212 thomas,carruthers bullock 1/5th injured back 4-6-15,773 liverpool rd,peel green
L/cpl 2447 john,william sutherland 1/7th left thumb blown off and wounds to hand+face by a bomb,4-6-15,orkney house,egerton st,wrexham

2091 william,arthur stott 1/6th GSW in thigh
1330 charles mould 1/5th injured foot
1465 gilbert holmes 1/5th bayonet wound head
2314 maurice,gilbert,roper elliott 1/6th,6 park ave,chorlton cum hardy,bayonet wound thigh
2329 leonard,christian forshaw 1/7th bayonet wound thigh
2201 henry,james forrest 1/6th[C.coy] bayonet wound foot
1509 john brett 1/5th bayonet wound shoulder 4-6-15,6 hanchett st,wigan
2218 leonard norbury 1/6th fractured jaw
2325 john,william roylance 1/5th GSW in the head,4-6-15 lost right eye,temp wounded in left eye,10 birch rd,atherton
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