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96th Regiment
« on: August 27, 2009, 12:18:06 AM »
Hi Everyone
Trying to find more info about my g/grandfather John Lea,Lee born 1837-1840 London Middlesex
In 1867 married Mary Malone age 23 born Ireland. On marriage cert John 27 of the 96th Regiment, Residence Landguard Fort
First child Eliza Lee born at sea on route to India 1867 ( cert not yet found ). From extracts found in book at KEW in 1869 the
ships Orwell, Rinaldo and Micheal angelo with ranks 746 Privates one i assume being John Lee. 93 woman Mary one of these and
155 children Eliza one of these aged about 2
Then via Bombay,Calcutta,DumDum to Dinapore.
In 1870 Edward Lee born then in 1872 Mary Ann Lee born India ( Both these shown to be born in India on latter Census )
1873 returned to England on the H.M.S Crocodile now 2 adults and 3 children. Where now went to Warley Barracks and
Emily Lee was born here. And then moved to Colchester where Harry Lee was born 1875.
Think about this time John must have left the Army and in 1876 George Lee was born in B,ham Warks
On the 1881 Census Jonh down as Pensioner.
I have no more info about Army Records or India related stuff
Looked at Wo-97 and births at sea at KEW no luck!

Any Help Would Be Appreciated

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Re: 96th Regiment
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hi fsbiff, and welcome to the forum, i can not help a great deal but i have come across a book on the 96th regiment for sale on ebay, i don't know if its in the local libraries ? sorry i can not help you more .

Other item info
Item number: 230371566709
Item location: SHIPPED FROM UK, MERSEYSIDE, United Kingdom
 History of the Manchester Regiment (63rd and 96th Regiments) 2005: v. I and II: Volumes I (1758-1883) and II (1883-1922)
Author & Category Wylly, H. C.
Format:  Hardcover
Publisher:  Naval & Military Press Ltd
Published:  1 Oct 2006
Pages:  680
ISBN-13:  9781845744205
Condition:  BRAND NEW
Shipping Information
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Re: 96th Regiment
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It looks as if you have already discovered a lot of information about your g/grandfather's service with the 96th Regiment. The National Archives do hold all the returns of the regiment which you appear to have already looked at.  His period of service in India was uneventful and they seem to have done very little apart from either marching or going by river between their various stations.The only real excitement was an outbreak of cholera in December 1871 when 1 sergeant, 1 corporal and 4 privates died.

The volumes which tonyrod mentions are modern reprints of the original Wylly history of 1922. Sadly there is only about one page given to the period you are interested in. You can certainly borrow copies of Volume One through your local inter-library lending service.

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Re: 96th Regiment
« Reply #3 on: August 27, 2009, 08:04:18 PM »
Did you take a note of which books you were looking at "eg" WO12 General Muster books or WO17 Monthly Returns or WO23 Pension Returns. I know you have said you look in WO97 which part did you look in:

If you live near Kew, next you are going let me know as I will give you a hand.

Cheers MS


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Re: 96th Regiment
« Reply #4 on: August 28, 2009, 08:44:42 PM »
Hi all
       Tonyrod the links you mention iv'e already been to both sites, But will definitely vist Tameside at some time
The book you referred is were i got my small amount of info from at KEW.
( Did a search on the net there was one going for 38 quid ! )
Thanks also Robert same topic covered above
And the records we managed to look at in the given time were
wo 97\2020 and 2021 discharged 1883-1900 2 boxes
bt 158 births at sea
wo25/266-688 1772-1878 film ref 1062-1064
Also wanted to look at wo25/1174 (1867-68) must have been out!
Next time must also look at wo23.
I will certainly be going again in near future maybe few weeks
If anybody can think what other files i should be looking for the dates mentioned  would be most grateful. Thanks to all . :)