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Cpl 3369 Frederick John Mulligan 11th Bn
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cpl 3369 frederick,john mulligan
11th manchesters
frederick was a time expired soldier from the 1st devonshire regt,he had enlisted on 18-10-1892 at exeter,after leaving his job as a rubber worker,he saw service in india and south africa
shortly after war was declared,he left his job,as a warehouseman and re-enlisted on 28th sept 1914 at manchester,joining the 11th manchesters,on 6th july 1915,he went to gallipoli,made act/sgt on 29-12-15,then transferred to france,on 9-7-1916,on 2nd jan 1917,he was sent home with ill health,and admitted to bagthorpe military hospital,nottingham,he spent a week in hospital and then given 10 days leave,on 2nd feb 1917 he was posted to No2 section 2/6th manchesters on the humber garrison[renumbered 252729]
he was examined by a medical board in late 1917,and declared physically unfit for further service,he was discharged from the army,on 28-11-1917 suffering from acute bronchitis.
a doctor stated that fred had served nearly 2 years at the front,and his health had suffered badly,he held a deep fear for freds health with the onset of winter.
fred died on 6-3-1920,aged 44
he left a widow,elizabeth,who he married at albert memorial church manchester,on 25-12-1905,and four daughters,elsie,irene.sophia and edith
he originally lived at 10 topley st,collyhurst before moving to 18 phelan st,collyhurst

freds not commemorated by the CWGC,although he is entitled to war grave status,his death was aggravated by his service,but wasnt the cause.

if anyone wishes to put forward freds name for commemoration,all they need,is his pension record
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Re: old soldier dies
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mack, I put Fred's name forward for commemoration (I'd read your post and then I came across him again during 11th Bn research). I found out today from Terry at the In From The Cold Project, that Fred has been accepted by the CWGC:,%20FREDERICK%20JOHN

Thanks for posting this :)



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