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lost grave. 1/8th manchesters
« on: August 20, 2009, 10:33:15 PM »
writing to the parents of L/cpl harold burrows,captain edmund oldfield expressed his regret at the death of their son on 21st may,a few days previous,he and the sgt/major were in charge of a ration party,carrying up supplies to the front trenches when they were caught in heavy shrapnel fire,everyone dived for cover,but your son just laid flat until it eased up,he then cooly carried the boxes up to the trench,the sgt/major mentioned his coolness to me and the CO,the CO was going to have a word to him soon.
pte burrows was shot in the head by a sniper,on the evening of the 21st may,just behind our firing line,he died instantely,we buried him near the trenches just before we were relieved,there was no chaplain available so i read the service myself,i returned later,and erected a wooden cross,and took a picture of his grave,we are not allowed to send any films home yet,so ime carrying them around with me at the moment,i will send you a photo when i get them developed,ime sending you the photos etc,that i took from his pockets,the other officers send their sympathy

pte 2432 harold burrows,150 wellington rd,north,stockport.
his father,edward was the local registrar

captain oldfield was killed a few days later,on 4th june

pte burrows is named on the helles memorial