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my friend,20th manchesters
« on: August 19, 2009, 09:18:45 PM »
1st july 1916,pte walter derbyshire
me and my best pal,pte george berry,had just got beyond our wire,when george was hit,i did not know if it was a sniper or a machine gun,i returned later to look for him,but couldnt find him,i watched and waited all day,to see if he would show up,but he never did,on the following day,a friend of ours from our old platoon,told me that he had found george in a shell hole,he had been shot in the wrist and neck,he said that he was given a decent burial,and he was present when the minister buried him.
two parcels arrived for him from home,so i shared them out with his mates

pte 17826 george,henry berry,32 broome ave,levenshulme
parents william,henry+mary,alice
aged 20
pte 17870 walter derbyshire,20 broome ave,levenshulme
parents francis,william+alice
aged 21
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