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hill 60 1915
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pte 4586 harry ollerenshaw

10 o.clock on the evening of 17th april 1915.
we were told that an attack was to be made on the hill,it was to be started by our engineers,they were going to blow it up and we had to be ready to fire as soon as it went up,we were just to the right of the hill close to the canal,we had to cover this part of the canal,to stop the germans bringing up their supports,keeping up a continuous fire at the point they would cross.
shells were dropping all the time,a man in another part of the trench began screaming,he had been blinded by a shell,another three men were wounded,i helped the blind man back to my part of the trench and covered him with my coat,then he was taken away by the medics,no sooner had they left,when another shell dropped near me,it killed one man instantly and nearly blew off the arm of another
pte ollerenshaws parents,samuel+mary,ann lived at back brierley st,stalybridge,he resides with his wife edith at 30 parliament st,dukinfield
he was killed in action,on 20th aug 1915
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