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3 generations of manchesters
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6272 sgt george,arthur,frederick blackford
enl 10-12-14
aged 14
caught severe sunstroke,while on outpost duty,on 26th may 1911,he was taken to hospital at kampstee,india on 28-5-11,the MO suggested an immediate discharge at the next medical revue,stating that sgt blackford,had been reduced to an idiot,through severe sunstroke,he was still in hospital at chelsea,in 1915

sgt 7576 james blackford
enl 22-3-1902
2nd manchesters
aged 14
educated at duke of yorks military school,chelsea
discharged medically unfit,on 9-4-04
rejoined the 2nd batt,on the outbreak,and posted to southport to train the new recruits of the 9th manchesters

sgt 1676 charles,william blackford
originally enlisted in the 9th manchesters,as pte 184 c.w blackford,aged 17,transferred to the special reserve as pte 1221 on 1-10-1909
posted to the 2nd battalion at mullingar,on 18-1-1910
to france 15-8-14
after being wounded,he was posted to the 3rd batt at cleethorpes
resided with his wife dorothy and 2 children charles+ada,at 3 cambridge st,cleethorpes
returned to france
on 27-11-1918,he was told off as escort to the colours and returned to england

their father was,colour sgt charles,william blackford,manchester regt  
mother elizabeth
28 bromwell rd,manchester

their grandfather was also a sgt major in the manchesters
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