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2nd manchesters
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11-4-15 ypres
under heavy shell fire,acting RSM 888 frederick snow and sgt 988 charles boardman were about to break cover,and bring in pte 6897 george mansfield,who was lying in the open with a GSW in his head,pte mansfield shouted to the two NCOs,never mind me,get back under cover and bring me in when the shelling stops,he was later brought in safely and sent to clacton on sea,military hospital
pte mansfield lived at 176 ashton rd,failsworth,he was no longer fit for any further service,and discharged on 31st march 1916

acting RSM snow and sgt boardman were MID for their actions

pte 2477 alfred mather of 10 cross glebe st,ashton,who was only 25 yards from the german lines,witnessed the whole action