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18th manchesters
« on: August 11, 2009, 01:07:43 AM »
L/cpl 27851 frederick,john borland
enl 10-8-15
trainee accountant at CWS,manchester
son of frederick,john+mary borland,17 langton st,seedley
on 23-3-17,he was one of 4 wounded men who were sent to the field ambulance,the other 3 remained at the FA to be patched up,frederick was transferred to the 37th CCS,with a gunshot wound in the abdomen
he wrote to his parents,on 26-3-17,telling them that hed been wounded,the sister in charge wrote shortly afterwards,to say that he was critically wounded,and wasnt expected to live,he died the following day
aged 21
frederick joined the 2nd batt,on 10th aug 1915,and previously wounded in the right leg,on 2nd july 1916,after recovering,he was posted to the 18th batt,on 19th october 1916