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mrs yates and her boys
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mrs yates of beech rd,stockport,has three sons serving with the 1/6th manchesters,they all belong to stockport lacrosse club
mrs yates received news,that all her three boys,had been wounded at gallipoli,but non of the wounds are serious,arthur has been wounded in the thigh,and is in hospital on malta,william was wounded in the hand and wilfred in the foot.
pte 2286 arthur,chester yates,died of wounds at malta,on 8-7-15,aged 25
pte 2337 william,chester yates,was later killed in action,on 7-8-15,aged 18
pte 2357 wilfred chester yates,survived the war,aged 22 when wounded in 1915
arthur and william,worked for tootal,broadhurst+lee,wilfred worked for barlow+jones
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Re: mrs yates and her boys
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I have noticed that Stockport Lacrosse club comes up quite frequently when searching for Soldiers records-so I googled it and found this;

At the end of the following season other greater events were to take place and those loyal to the Club, and the world of sport in general proved themselves to be equally loyal to their Country in her hour of need. Eighty seven of the Clubs total membership of one hundred and sixty or so members gave their services to King and Country in the 'Great War' of 1914-18. The names of all these members are recorded on the Roll of Honour Memorial Tablet erected to their memory, and it is still there to be viewed today at the Club's Headquarters. The motto inscribed reads,

'Patrla Cara Carlor Llbertas'
(One's Country is Beloved, Friendship is More Precious)
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