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3 men of D Coy, 19th Bn....
« on: August 10, 2009, 08:59:14 AM »
On 31st july 1917,three men from D.coy 19th manchesters,were in a shelter at maple copse,a shell burst on top of it,wounding two of them and knocking Pte 26927 Alfred Exley unconcious, they were removed to the 96th field ambulance and then passed to the 62nd casualty clearing station
Pte Exley resides with his wife Florence and young son alfred,at 21 downs st,openshaw,his youngest son Stanley,died of ricketts, on 2nd march 1916
Pte Exley was killed on 27th november 1917,the only man from his battalion,who was killed [he is still missing]

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