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gallipoli POWs
« on: June 23, 2009, 02:35:07 PM »
these are the only known men,to have been captured at gallipoli
pte 2323 christopher nealon,24 hothersall st,salford,aged 24
parents,thomas+kate,1/7th manchester

pte 1552 joseph,van calstron,44 north george st,salford
1/7th manchesters

sgt 3498 albert cherriman 11th manchesters
pte 3888 hugh sellers,11th manchesters
Lt edgar granger,1/7th manchesters
pte 1822 john pearson,1/7th manchesters

pte 3417 percy cubley
enl 17-8-14
aged 29
11th manchesters
carman for lancs+yorks railways,62 corporation st,manchester
lived with his sister,mrs h.johnson,at 44 thurlow st,weaste
parents frederick+jane,46 gardenwall st,salford
captured at sedul bahr,on 7-8-15
wounded[bullet] in left elbow,sent to hospital at constantinople
repatriated to king georges hospital,stamford st,london,on 27-11-18
classZ 26-3-19

cpl 3726 john,henry espin
enl 22-8-14
aged 29
21 russell st,altrincham
wife ada,married 23-8-11 at altrincham
children,john,robert 18-12-18 and ada,margaret 5-3-14
reported killed in action,on 7-8-15
later reported as captured on 7-8-15 at anafarta,sent to constantinople[in hospital wounded]
later reported interned at angorra
wounded by a bullet,in the left knee
repatriated to england from alexander 4-12-18 on board the SS caledonia
arrived in england on 17-12-18

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