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Manchester Regiment - Specials
« on: December 13, 2008, 02:26:15 PM »
Hi everyone,
I am trying to find out what the Manchesters were up to in 1898 :). My mothers, fathers brother 4051 Lcpl Fred Jackson decided to relinquish his rank of Lcpl, awarded 9 Mar 1898,  and reverted to Pte at his own request on 21 June 1898 ???. He elected to serve under Special AO of 2 Apr 1898 and signed on 1 Aug 1898 ???. I know he was in Gibralter 23 Feb 1898 until 22 Aug 1899 :D. He appears to be 1st Bn or possibly 4th Regt at the time? after the 22 Aug 1899 he left for South Africa ::).
Appreciate any help you could give me.

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Re: Manchester Regiment - Specials
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it was the 1st Battalion that was in Gibraltar from 1897 to 1899, prior to leaving for south africa. while they were there they received a draft of aprox 200 men from the 2nd battalion
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Re: Manchester Regiment - Specials
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Thanks again Harribobs :),
These extra 200 men from the 2nd Battalion, had they been specially trained in someway, for the action they were about to take part in ;)? Was it for the Defence of Ladysmith ;)? Just seems strange that Fred reliquished his rank at his own request to join it? Why could he not have kept his rank as he had only just received promotion ::)? He would therefore have taken a reduction in pay, not something one really wants to do :(.

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Re: Manchester Regiment - Specials
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 Hello All
This is thread almost 10 years old.
 I am wondering if this Jackson is the one referred to in the thread on my Grandfather John Aldred of Flixton in WW1.
He refers to a photo sent back from the front as being Jackson. There is one photo amongst the many that I put in of an older man apparently in RFC uniform.

My grandfather went into the volunteers in about 1898 aged 17/18.Might this Jackson have helped train him? He was a good shot, as was my father and now my son.

It is a 'long shot' but someone might have some further info.
 Thank you